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It all started when we decided to leave Alsace: we were thriving for a life that would get us closer to nature and wanted to feel in line with our love for good quality products. The idea of settling in Saidona came up very spontaneously, as Tatiana’s maternal grand father was from there.  The trigger was getting a little fed up with our modern routine, trying to find ourselves in nature and promote our work and our production. Coming from different worlds, each has enriched the other with their culture. Jérôme discovered the immense beauty of Greece and the unique taste of its cuisine, simple but authentic, where olive oil holds a place of great importance.


Olive oil is a family affair in Greece. At Tatiana's, olives have been cultivated since the 19th century. The oldest trees in Saidona are over 200 years old. The main variety, here as in Greece generally, is "koroneiki". It is a productive variety which, when pressed once, gives an oil of exceptional quality. While it is resistant to drought, it cannot withstand heavy frost. The olive tree appreciates the passing water, but not the stagnant water, which explains the arrangement of the terraced fields. The trees develop a complex root system, call it 'xerikes elies' - olive trees of dry climate - where irrigation is not necessary. We often harvest them as a familly from November to January. The fruits picked at early maturity by hand guarantee a very unique quality of the product. In fact, there is a lack of mechanization, mainly due to the fact that the trees have always been cultivated in small family plots that are difficult to access because of the relief of the terrain and the stones. But the result is an oil with a pronounced taste, which is the expression of a mountainous soil that faces the South. An oil with a type, with a more or less ardent green fruit depending on the terrain, obtained only by mechanical processes, in a cooperative or private press where we store our stainless steel tanks for good conservation before bottling.


The aromatic

In March and April 2017, we planted an uncultivated plot with thyme (coridothymus capitatus), sage (Salvia officinalis) and oregano (Origanum vulgare ssp. Hirtum). These three herbs are very common in Greece, they have immense virtues and have been proven for their medicinal properties. 


Our story 


The olive trees

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